Catamaran Endorsement

If you ever want to skipper a catamaran for yourself or on a sailing vacation in the Caribbean, Pacific, Mediterranean, or elsewhere: you’ll need to learn how to handle a double-hulled vessel. When you Skipper your own Catamaran, you’ll enjoy more comfort, stability of two hulls, speed (Cats are faster!), and dual engine maneuverability along with the freedom to explore your own paths on your own schedule. Start Catamaran training here ›

Sailing a large catamaran is not much different from sailing a monohull, just a few additional skills are needed to prepare you for the nuances of a double-hulled vessel. Learn the core fundamentals necessary to receive your Catamaran Endorsement and training. Why we chose to partner with NauticEd ›

Catamaran Endorsement

Upon completion you will receive the Catamaran Sailing Endorsement that goes into your sailing resume. This gives you as well as your family, friends, the yacht charter company, and the insurance company the confidence that you can safely skipper a catamaran on a sailing vacation. Learn more about certification ›

  • What You’ll learn:

  • Life aboard your catamaran

  • Sailing a cruising catamaran

  • Essential catamaran tips & techniques

  • Maneuvering a dual engine catamaran

  • Reefing & heavy weather

  • Catamaran Goals

  • Applying sailing knowledge & skills to Cruising Catamarans

  • Upgrading to more spacious & stable sailing

  • Taking a Catamaran sailing vacation

  • Buying a catamaran

Included in your course:

Free weather, GPS and course apps are included in your course. More information ›

Predict Wind 3 month free subscription with sailing class

NauticEd IOS and Android nd testing app

NauticEd Tracklink IOS application for Sailors