Crew Member Training

Crew (or ’crewing’) is a great option to start sailing. You can join a local sailing or racing club, or you can enjoy sailing vacations with friends and a professional captain. If you’re not ready for a skipper sailing course and just want to participate and have active fun, then crew training gets you started sailing. If you’re wanting to positively contribute more as a crew member either on local sailing trips or on a sailing vacation, get started here ›

Knowledgeable, competent, and skilled crew are essential to sailing – and crewing is often more fun than taking on the many responsibilities of a skipper. But a responsible crew needs to be knowledgeable and skilled themselves – steering a steady course, sail trimming, docking assists, navigation, and knowing just what in the heck that thingy does (hint: probably something important)?

Online and on-the-water training is available for crewing on small and large sailboats as well as crewing on a sailing vacation. Skipper training and crew training go hand-in-hand. It creates a good cross-training environment. Consider training with friends and family while they are doing their skipper training. Why we chose to partner with NauticEd ›

Qualified Crew Certification:

Upon completion, you will receive the Qualified Crew Rank that goes onto your sailing resume. This gives you the confidence in your ability to understand the workings on the sailboat while you enjoy contributing as a knowledgeable and competent crew member. Learn more about certification ›

NauticEd Qualified Crew Rank Certification Card
  • What you’ll learn:

  • Basic Sailing Skills
  • Rules of the Road
  • Weather & Sea Conditions
  • Standing & Running Rigging
  • Communications & Navigation
  • Electrical Systems
  • Anchoring & Mooring
  • Auxiliary Power (engines)
  • Docking
  • Coping with Emergencies
  • Crew Goals:

  • Learn sailing
  • Become active participating sailing “crew”
  • Contribute to safety and fun
  • Sail locally with family & friends
  • Join sailing vacations
  • Crew in racing regattas

Included in your course:

Free weather, GPS and course apps are included in your course. More information ›

Predict Wind 3 month free subscription with sailing class

NauticEd IOS and Android nd testing app

NauticEd Tracklink IOS application for Sailors