Sailing Certification

A proper sailing certification is the documentation from an accredited national sailing education body that you have reached a particular milestone of accomplishment. It shows you have successfully completed the knowledge and practical requirements of a course.

NauticEd has been accredited as meeting the American National Standards for sailing training as set out by the United States Coast Guard.

Joes Sailing School provides the practical training and assessments for the NauticEd sailing training and education system. The NauticEd sailing certification ranks are: Qualified Crew, Skipper Small Keelboat, Skipper Large Keelboat, Bareboat Charter Master, and Offshore Captain. Each certification has education, on-the-water training, and an appropriate amount of on-the-water experience requirement.

NauticEd Skipper Keelboat sailing certification

Sailing Resume

A sailing resume is the most important document you need. Just like a job resume, the sailing resume details your experience, courses, training, and accomplishments. It is the document that all yacht charter companies require to decide if you are a worthy charter client. Without a resume, a yacht charter company will simply deny your request. As you get accredited for training, sail more, and take more courses your resume grows.


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Sailing instructors worldwide appreciate a student’s sailing resume to help determine further and more advanced training. Joe’s Sailing School, via NauticEd, provides a FREE sailing resume building tool to its students. At the push of a button, in real-time, your sailing resume is created and ready to be sent to any yacht charter company in the world.

Sailing License

A sailing license is an official boating documentation that the holder is recognized by the appropriate state government to legally go boating. Many states in the United States require an official state license (“A State Boater Card”) as well as all the provinces in Canada (the “PCOC”).


All of the Mediterranean and the Seychelles DO REQUIRE a sailing license which is NOT just a sailing certification.


Joe’s Sailing School, through NauticEd, facilitates the issuance of the SLC which is a license accepted by countries in the Mediterranean, Seychelles and all states in the United States and Canada.

NauticEd's International Sailing License and Credentials is accepted worldwide

So what do I need?

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish.


If you want to sail locally in your area, typically nothing is needed except your personal competence and state licensure if required. But competence is subjective. Many people think they are competent but when tested, they don’t even know the rules. This is why a structured program ensures the correct knowledge and skills.


If you want to charter a boat on a sailing vacation, you must have a sailing resume that is acceptable to the charter company and your personal level of competence must be to a higher level that is appropriate for yacht chartering. Again, a structured training and certification program can assure you of this.


If you want to charter in the Mediterranean or the Seychelles, you must have a sailing license as described above.

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