Sailing Vacations

Making Your Sailing Vacation Dreams A Reality

Theory and on-the-water training are just the start of what we offer here at Joe’s Sailing School. Thanks to our affiliation with NauticEd, we can also offer you access to great sailing vacations at destinations around the world. Why not put all of that training to good use by taking to the water on your next vacation in the destination you have always wanted to visit? There is no better way to spend time on the water than a sailing vacation.

NauticEd’s sailing vacations give sailors access to some 5,000 boats in nearly six dozen destinations around the world. Best of all, arranging a sailing vacation through NauticEd requires very little effort from you. Just let them know where you want to sail, the type of boat you are hoping to charter, and the budget you have to work with. They take that information and scour their sailing vacation database to find you the best possible deal.

Sailing vacation destinations include places such as:

. Australia
. The Bahamas
. The British Virgin Islands
. Corsica
. Croatia
. Greece
. The Grenadines
. Guadeloupe
. Italy
. Martinique
. Lucia
. Vincent

One of the hottest places for sailing vacations right now is around Croatia. Cruising the eastern shores of the Adriatic, down through the Ionian Sea and then into the Mediterranean proper offers sailors incredible scenery, crystal-clear waters, and dozens of ports of call for all sorts of land-based activities.

No-Fee Booking Through NauticEd

Why book through NauticEd when you can book your next sailing vacation on your own? There are several reasons, beginning with the fact that NauticEd’s services are absolutely free. There are no fees whatsoever. You do not get charged to talk to a NauticEd representative. You do not get charged to make a reservation. You do not get charged a non-refundable booking fee.

Best of all, a NauticEd consultant will even help you figure out where to go if you have never done a sailing vacation before. Just tell you representative what you are looking for and leave it to NauticEd to find the right booking for you. Taking a sailing vacation couldn’t be any easier.

Rest assured that NauticEd works only with reputable chartering companies to offer sailors great vacations. When you book your sailing vacation through NauticEd, you get industry-leading guidance and advice on everything from boat size and type to licensing and local issues you might need to be aware of.