Skipper Large Keelboat Course

Sail Large Sailboats (26ft and above) and learn the knowledge & skills for longer distance and overnight sailing in diverse conditions. A comprehensive sailing course for beginner to intermediate sailors wanting to learn how to sail larger sailboats 26ft to 56ft. While many sailing skills and principles are universal, sailing larger sailboats requires additional training and skills to handle the increased power, speed, and weight; as well as the myriad of helm, engine and system options. Get started here for large keelboats ›

Learn to sail large sailboats with NauticEd's Skipper Large Keelboat course

The reward is sailing faster, further and in diverse weather conditions. In many ways, being on the water on a large sailboat is the ultimate freedom! You’re only limited by how well you develop the knowledge and skills to command a large boat. Online knowledge and on-the-water training: your sailing school provides comprehensive training to safely and competently sail large sailboats.

But this is only the start. Gaining big boat experience is paramount to getting you completely comfortable, confident and competent operating a large boat in environmental conditions that can change in an instant. NauticEd’s Rank and Level program tells you how you are doing and when you are ready to rank up to the next certification of Bareboat Charter Master. Why we chose to partner with NauticEd ›

Skipper Large Keelboat Certification:

Upon successfully passing the online knowledge testing and practical training assessment, you’ll earn the NauticEd Skipper Large Keelboat Rank certification. Learn more about certification ›

NauticEd Skipper Large Keelboat Rank Certification Card
  • What you’ll learn:

  • Navigation Rules

  • Basic Sail Trim

  • Sailing Theory & Principles

  • Standing & Running Rigging

  • Docking

  • Maneuvering Under Sail

  • Anchoring

  • Weather & Sea Conditions

  • Coping with Emergencies

  • Auxiliary Power (inboard diesel)

  • Basic Navigation

  • Maneuvering Under Power

  • Large Keelboat Goals:

  • Learn to sail & skipper large keelboats

  • Inland & coastal sailing (within sight of land)

  • Take friends & family sailing

  • Buy your own boat, rent or join social sailing clubs with confidence

  • Race in sailing regattas

  • Gain experience for Bareboat multiday and coastal sailing

Included in your course:

Free weather, GPS and course apps are included in your course. More information ›

Predict Wind 3 month free subscription with sailing class

NauticEd IOS and Android nd testing app

NauticEd Tracklink IOS application for Sailors